WINTER OFFHAND – February 10, 2024

After the January Blizzard, we got back to shooting on February 10 with a beautiful day. It was a bit cloudy at the start but it turned bright and clear and at 42-degrees, just about as good a day as you could ask for in February.   I was surprised that we only had 10 shooters on such a nice day but I knew two of our Juniors had NRA classes that day. The first shot was about 8:45 and everything was wrapped up by 10:00 – a quick easy morning.

Thanks to Mark Walters for running the match and doing the Stat Office duties for me.

It was a beautiful day to shoot – you should have been there!

The top shooters for the day were:

Mike King                            390-9X  (High string of the day, first stage – 198-6X)

Mark Walters                     385-5X

Doc Habel                            378-8X

John Pickens                      376-6X

Marshall Rohrbach          375-8X  (High Junior)

For shooters who have made all three sessions to date:

Mike King                            1155-24X

Mark Walters                     1138-15X

Marshall Rohrbach          1122-21X

Gary Mabis                         1064- 6X

These four shooters are pretty solidly at the top of  the scoreboard, but as Yogi used to day; “It ain’t over ‘til the Fat Lady sings”.  All it will take is a crossfire or a gun malfunction and any of those positions can change at the Match Match!        

High Power Shooters – Come out for March Winter Offhand, the Junior Breakfast and the debut of the Count The Bullets In The Jar contest for the Winchester Model 94.