Winter Offhand Match Results; November 18, 2018

Sunday, 18 November, turned out to be a really nice day for a rifle match.  Six competitors and two observers were greeted by a Christmas card snow that covered the range as the match began.  It was a cool (about 34-degree) day, but with no wind it was a very pleasant day to shoot.  By the time we began the second relay the snow had stopped and water was dripping off the roof to give you a chill down your neck as you gathered brass at the front of the firing line.

We had an interesting mix of rifles today.  We had two Garands, two 1917 Enfields, an AR and a Swiss 1911.  These offhand matches are good opportunities to shoot that rifle that sits in the back of the gun safe that you never take out to matches when you keep score!

Results for the day were:

Larry Beardsley  (Seriously!)               326-2x

Jeff Beierke                                         302-0X

Steve Kage                                         300-1X

Kris Hartwig                                        260-0X

Mike Bailey                                          221-0X

Joe Freiberger                                   184-0X

The next Winter Offhand Match is the second Sunday of December, December 9th, at 1:00.  See you there!

Unauthorized Guests at Range – CEASE FIRE

Members are allowed to have family and friends come out to the range as guests, but guests are not allowed on the range by themselves as unaccompanied visitors.  But, there are always some folks who don’t get the word.

Ryam Brammer sent these pictures along from a visit to the range last week.  We’ve seen deer, turkeys, rabbits, woodchucks, squirrels, dogs and cats – but most of us believe that this is a first.



Isn’t there a rule somewhere about “No horseplay on the firing line…?”  (groan..)

November – December Newsletter Volume 18, Issue 6


News for Members

Volume 18, Issue 6/November-December, 2018


From the President’s Desk

Hello Members

It’s the end of another year and time to turn in schedules if not done yet, also end of the year cash sheets and monies turned in. There was a break-in of the target shed at 300 yd. pits (nothing was missing).  Keep your eyes open when at the range. Thanks to Mike  Grannis and Larry Beardsley for the repair of the door. Election of officers at the December’s meeting. Again I would like to thank all involved in cutting the grass and keeping the range looking good. Also thanks to Marty Didion for keeping gasoline in the mowers. A big thanks to John Halter his always being there to help.

Thanks for being safe all year…Good Shooting Have Fun Be Safe…Jim Sweeney


Sympathy:  Our club extends sympathy to the family of Joe Frieburger (October, 2018) whose father died in early October.


Special thanks:  to these members who make a difference for our club!

Thanks…to Larry Beardsley, Mike and Glenna Grannis, who worked on repairs in the pits following a bit of vandalism and on the heater in the yellow building and to Larry Beardsley for setting up the first aid corner in the yellow building.


First Aid Box:  A First Aid Box has been placed in the yellow building, on a table over by the heater so things in it won’t freeze and bust.

There is a “Boo-Boo Bag” in the box with Band-Aids and alcohol wipes for little hurts, a lot of pads and gauze along with water to clean things and a bottle of saline solution for eye wash in case someone gets a face full of dirt and needs an eye washout.

Please don’t open the plastic kits just to explore what is in there – but if you need more than what is loose in the box – go for it!

There is also a note in the box with quick “What-To-Do” notes if serious medical help is needed.

This kit should stay out where it can be accessed by our members if they need it.

Sez the Ancient Mariner:  “For the last three-thousand years, safety at sea has been based on taking a lot of unnecessary precautions”

Let’s hope we never need any of this stuff.


Question and Answer:

  1. In the popular .45 ACP handgun cartridge, what does ACP stand for?
  2. Ammunition Custom Products
    b.  American Colt Pistol
    c.  Automatic Colt Pistol
    d.  None of the above
  1. Answer: c, Automatic Colt Pistol

Taken from September, 2018 NRA Shooting Sports Insider Newsletter


Range Orientation (Part 16)

  1. The raised mound that is 50 yards in front of the 100/200-yard Covered Firing Point is not an impact bunker.
  2. The grassy area at the north end of the 100/200-yard Covered Firing Line may be used for 200-yard position shooting of targets posted on the four-foot-tall target frame.  Firing from sitting or prone positions at targets posted on the 2’ X 2’ target frame at 200 yards is not allowed because of the increased risk of a projectile leaving the range due to a high takeoff angle.
  3. The bench between the 100/200-yard and 300-yard Firing Lines may be used to fire at targets posted on the 4-foot target frames at 200 yards and at Targets 1 through 6 on the 300-yard Target Line.


High Power

The 2018 formal High Power season ended on October 13 with the Mid-Range match.  We had a very nice early fall day for the match – a pleasant change from the wet, rainy and cloudy days we have had on many match days this summer.

Nine shooters came out.  Awards were as follows:

Tournament Winner**     Norb Norden       592-21X     $ 8

Second                           Mark Walters       589-30X       $ 5

Third                               Ron Dague          576-23X       $ 3

High Iron Sight Score     Norb Norden       199-8X       $ 10

High Match 1                  Ron Dague          198-13X       $   3

High Match 2                  Mark Walters       199-14X       $   3

Incidentally, Norb shot all three matches with iron sights.  Who says you’ve got to shot a ‘scope to win….?

We start Winter Offhand Matches on the third Sunday of November (November 18th) at 1:00 P. M.  There will be a season long tournament with cash awards at the end of the season.  We will shoot the familiar format, 2 strings of 20-rounds each for a total of 40- rounds at 100 yards from the covered firing points at the new building.

I have posted a proposed 2019 Match schedule on the FWRR website.  It is similar to what we have done in the past, but I have deleted the Team Match.  That match seemed like a good idea, but it never actually generated enough participation to justify the effort for an odd-Saturday Match.  Formal Thursday practices were a high point of the season and I plan on continuing them for the coming year.  If you have suggestions or ideas, please get them to me and I will look at them.

Thanks to everyone and let’s hope for better weather next year.




ACPDL has had great turnouts for our September and October matches.  We have 2 more matches for the year, November and December, as long as the weather cooperates.  Terry Thoma had a nice turnout for October’s Thursday night practice.

Susan Renner, ACPDL President



FREE:  French MAS-36 carbine, badly sporterized.  Probably only surrendered once in the summer of 1940.



Treasurer’s report, Secretary’s minutes, and match reports were presented.

Terry Thomas wants the body to know that the Action Pistol practices are open to anyone interested in the sport.

$50 will be sent to the NRA in memory of Rick Stoner who passed away in August.

The Election Committee needs members to run for Club officers and to serve on the committee.


Greetings Fellow Member

We will be conducting our election for officers during the December meeting at Trion Tavern. All members in good standing are invited to participate and support our officers. If you would like to run for an officer or director position please e-mail John Halter before the end of November 2018( and the member’s name will be placed on the ballot.  Thank you, John Halter


2019 Dues

It’s that time of the year!  Dues are due for 2019.  Remember that “Dues must be received on or before March 1, 2019 to avoid late fees or termination of membership.”


“We all are owners of the club—let’s take as good of care of the range as we do our homes.”

Quote from range orientation. 

Please police your brass and trash

Take the time to be sure that both doors on the yellow building are locked! 


                                                        FWRR November-December, 2018 Schedule



04—Black Powder—9:00A





02—Black Powder—9:00A

04—Tuesday Meeting—Trion— 7:30P#####






Break-In at the Range

Some time between Saturday, October 13th and Wednesday, October 17th, there was a break-in at the range.  Someone decided that there was something of interest in the target shed in the pits and then took a crowbar to the left hand door and pried it off its hinges.



The screws that held the hinges to the frame were ripped out and the aluminum facing was torn and bent.  One initial thought was that wind had grabbed the door some way or another, but when we looked at the edge of the door, it was clear that someone had used a crowbar or similar tool to rip the hinges off the frame.



The place that the crowbar was anchored shows very plainly in the picture.

Temporary repairs have been made and new screws and additional hinges will be added.  It only took two engineers to try to fix it and a schoolteacher to oversee the work.

Members are asked to keep an eye out for things like this.  Check the locks on buildings and storage sheds to make sure that someone isn’t shopping the range.  We can only assume that someone thought that there was something worth stealing in the shed – since there was nothing missing, I assume they were disappointed!


After that was finished we went up to the new white building and looked at the heater to figure out why we had no heat.  A spider had set up housekeeping in the combustion tubes for the heater – once he was evicted, everything works well again.

Thanks to Mike and Glenna and Beard for taking time to fix up things like this.

Mid-Range Tournament – October 13, 2018

We had a very nice early fall day for the match – a pleasant change from the wet, rainy and cloudy days we have had many on match days this summer.

Nine shooters came out.  Awards were as follows:
Tournament Winner**     Norb Norden        592-21X     $8
Second                           Mark Walters        589-30X     $5
Third                               Ron Dague           576-23X     $3
High Iron Sight Score     Norb Norden        199-8X        $10
High Match 1                  Ron Dague          198-13X       $3
High Match 2                  Mark Walters        199-14X      $3
****  Incidentally, Norb shot all three matches with iron sights.  Who says you’ve got to shot a ‘scope to win…..?
Thanks to all who came out.  Next match, Sunday November  18 at 1:00 P. M.  40-round offhand,  shot at 100 yards.

Proposed 2019 High Power Schedule

Comments and suggestions are welcome.  Send them to:


Proposed 2019 High Power Schedule


January 13                  1:00                 Winter Offhand, 40 Rounds

February  17               1:00                 Winter Offhand, 40 Rounds

March 10                    1:00                 Winter Offhand, 40 Rounds

March 30                    8:00                 CMP High Power Clinic

12:30               Clinic Garand Match

April 13                       9:00                 50/80 High Power Match

May 11                        9:00                 50/80 High Power Match

June 8                         9:00                 50/80 High Power Match

June 22                    ** 8:30                Fun Match – Watch for Details

July 13                         9:00                 50/80 High Power Match

August 10                   9:00                 Gingher Memorial M1A Match

September 14             9:00                 CMP Games

September 28             9:00                 Leonard Johnson Memorial Match

October 12                  9:00                 Mid-Range Tournament

November 17              1:00                 Winter Offhand, 40 Rounds

December 8                1:00                 Winter Offhand, 40 Rounds


High Power Practice:

Thursday Afternoon;  3:00 until dusk.  Start May 3, Final Practice October 10.