Well, this year’s Work Day was pretty well a wash out, so a group of us gathered today, Tuesday May 7th, to have a High Power Work morning.  We started about 9:00 and managed to get a pretty good list of things accomplished:


Pasted up new full face MR-63 and SR targets on fresh backers.  This gives us a good stock of targets to start                       off High Power season

Emptied all of the trash out of the ammo boxes and restocked them with fresh supplies

Hauled the three boxes of scrap cardboard down to the burn pile – and burned them

Borrowed a plastic pipe from target 1 in the high power pits to replace the broken pipe on target 6

Mowed the 200 and 300 yard firing points to their putting green like condition for Saturday’s Match

Put two plastic target backers up on the 200-yard practice range

Gave all of the weeds on the place a really good dose of weed killer; “Die weeds, die!”


The wet weather has really slowed everyone down in getting the range ready for the 2019 season, but we’re getting there a day at a time.  Thanks to Mike Habel, Mark Richards, Jess Jessup, Mike and Glenna Grannis and Gary (Weed Killer) Walker for their help today.