Winter Offhand closed out 2021 with one of the most disruptive weather days we had seen in a long time – a gust of wind on a blustery day broke target uprights, knocked down support rails and sent targets and backers cartwheeling all over the range.  Saying things were left in disarray would have been an understatement!

But, 2022 was a fresh start. Weather had been uncertain – cold was guaranteed but the wind forecast was a guess.  We were expecting as brutally cold day, but for a change, we won in the game of weather roulette.  Depending on whose thermometer you believed, it was somewhere between 17 and 23 degrees when we went to the line but, unheard of in northeast Indiana in January, there was no wind.  Although it was frosty, it was actually a fairly pleasant day, especially on the low end of the firing line where the sun peeked around the building.

Frost on the grass, snow on the berm –
but not a bad morning!
Doc and The Other Mark

We had ten shooters brave the day and there were some pretty good scores shot.  Mike King was high for the day with a 381-4X effort.  Mark Walters and Mark Richard tied for second place for the day at 375-5X.  High Junior was Marshall Rohrbach with a solid 367-5X for the day.

The season standings look a lot like the standings for today:

Mike King                           770-17X

Mark Richard                     753-11X

Mark Walters                    746- 9X

Marshall Rohrbach           722- 7X

The next Winter Offhand will be the second Saturday in February, February 12th.