FWRR Club Meeting

The next meeting of the Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club will be held on Monday, February 7, 2022. Meeting Place: VFW Post 857, located at 2202 West Main Street in Fort Wayne. Meeting Time: 7:00 p.m. Agenda: Standard meeting format. Cleanup Day projects will be addressed under the heading New Business. Please try to attend as a quorum is required to conduct club business. Food and drink will be available at very reasonable prices before and after the meeting.

Membership Renewal Information

Receipt of Membership Renewal Forms, proof of current NRA membership, and payments are due on January 1st each year. As of January 20th, only about 50% of the membership had submitted renewals.

When returning forms, please print legibly and be certain to include proof of current NRA membership. Thus far, approximately a dozen renewal forms have been returned due to lack of proof of current NRA membership.

Dues must be received on or before March 1st to avoid late fees or termination of membership. Dues received with postmark dates after March 1st, but on or before March 31st, are subject to a $25.00 late fee. Dues received with postmark dates after March 31st will be returned with a notice indicating that 1) the party’s membership has been terminated and 2) future membership requires submission of a membership applications and payment of new member fees (c.f., Bylaws Article IX, Section 2). Dues paid with an NSF check are subject to a $25.00 returned check fee.

If personal hardship prevents timely payment of dues, contact a club officer who may arrange either for dues to be waived or for payment to be deferred.

Individuals who were accepted as members after October 1, 2021 are not required to pay membership dues for the 2022 calendar year; nevertheless, they do need to return the renewal form with proof of current NRA membership.


Thanks to the many members who have made donations this year. Nothing is truly free. The club has the following recurring expenses: insurance, property tax, postage, as well as costs associated with building, facilities and property upkeep. Your donations enable the club to make facility improvements and help to offset the expenses associated with maintaining the memberships of our Life members –many of whom are themselves donors.

Newsletter Delivery

Approximately 80% of the membership receives the newsletter via e-mail. Those members who have e-mail accounts and who currently opt for postal delivery are asked to consider receiving the newsletter via e-mail next year. Doing so will save printing expenses (newsletter and mailing labels), postage, envelope cost, the time and fuel spent traveling to/from the printer, and the manual labor associated with stuffing, labeling, and stamping/mailing envelopes.

Maintenance Activities

A recent wind storm knocked down a segment of the target frames at the 100-yard impact bunker. Temporary repairs were made by some of the Club’s (old and decrepit) Officers.


Clay targets are only to be shot from the hut at the north end of the 25/50/100-yard portion of the Main Range. Take care to ensure that clay targets, wads, and shot land on club property.

Lock Combination Change

The combination that opens the locks at the gate, the Weidman Building, and the building on the 25/50/100-yard portion of the Main Range are changed on Cleanup Day. The combination that appears on your 2021 Membership Card will be valid until April 23, 2022. It is suggested that members either keep their 2021 cards until after that date or record the 2021 combination on their 2022 Membership Card.

Cleanup Day Projects

There is a job for everyone on Cleanup Day

Cleanup Day will be April 23, 2022. Work typically commences at 8:00 a.m. Tentatively scheduled projects include the following:

1.Installing a drain at the 100-yard firing line on the 300-yard portion of the Main Range. A volunteer or volunteers are being sought to perform some preliminary work related to this tasks. This work includes picking up a tractor, trencher, and pipe. If you are interested in helping with these aspects of the project, come to the February 7th club meeting or contact Marty Didion at martindidion4@gmail.com or Mike Miller at fwrrsect300@gmail.com.
2.Graveling and grading roads.
3.Installing a gutter, pipe, and a base for a cistern system to provide water for chemical mixing and grass watering.

If you have an idea for a project that you would like to see accomplished or started on Cleanup Day, please present your suggestion at the February 7th meeting.

Mowing Crew

If you are interested in joining the mowing crew, contact Marty Didion at martindidion4@gmail.com prior to April 1st.

2022 Program Schedule

As of January 20th, the 2022 Program Schedule had not been finalized. When all schedule inputs have been received, the final version of the 2022 Schedule will be posted on the FWRRC Website. Electronic copies of the schedule will be sent to members who elect to receive the newsletter via email. Hard copies of the schedule will be mailed to postal newsletter recipients.

For Sale

M1 Garand: New stock and totally reconditioning by Fulton Armory. $1500.00. Price includes a large quantity of brass, reloading data, and accessories. Contact Lowell Black at (260) 637-8625 or roslowbk@gmail.com

Ads may be sent to Marty Didion at martindidion4@gmail.com. Ads must be received three weeks before meetings in order to appear in the next newsletter.