Leonard Johnson Memorial Match; September 26, 2020

2020 has been a bummer of a year for a variety of reasons, but our string of good luck for High Power shooting continued for the Leonard Johnson Match on Saturday, September 26th.  Again, we could have not asked for a better day; bright, cool but not nose dripping –finger numbing cold and just enough wind to challenge but not frustrate.

Holding Hard at 200-yards with a .22 rim fire

Three-and-a-half teams participated

The teams and results were:

The Buckeye Brothers – Bakies and Baker:

Rim fire:          375 – 6X          Center Fire:     365-7X             Aggregate:  740-13X

Theyrrre Back – Ron Dague and Doc Habel  (First Match for both of these guys this year!!!)

Rim fire:          370 – 0X          Center Fire:     366-7X             Aggregate:  736-13X

Johnson and Johnson – Jerry and Doug Johnson

Rim fire:          371 – 3X          Center Fire:     270-3X             Aggregate:  641-7X

(New rifle, serious issues and finally just plain ole broken and had to withdraw)

Our half-team was John Halter:

The Last Mohican – John Halter

Rim fire:          173 – 1X          Center Fire:     101-2X             Aggregate:  274-3X

In case you might wonder about the low center fire scores, we shot the 300-yard stage on the MR-52 target, which is a 600 yard target reduced to 200 yards – but we shot it at 300 yards.  The SR-42 target is a hard target, but the MR-52 is even more of a challenge.

A Classic Anschutz just about as old as the shooter

Doug Johnson took high .22 rim fire individual with a 190-3X.  Joe Bakies took center fire individual with a 191-6X.  Ron Dague shot an outstanding 186-4X center fire considering this was his first match of the year after some health problems.

I want to thank Joe Bakies and Jim Baker for turning their awards back to the club for our electronic target fund and for Joe’s very nice comments about the match on his Facebook page.

Construction Starts on New 100-Yard Firing Point

On Saturday September 26th, during the Leonard Johnson Match, Eicher Concrete called and asked if we were ready to move dirt for the new 100-yard firing point. It was short notice, but as you know, when you get a construction guy ready to go – you don’t put things off!

Eicher concrete moving a lot of dirt in a short time!

Eicher Construction was going to move excess dirt from the south end of the 200-yard practice berm and FWRR member Ted Smeltzer, who lives nearby, was going to use his Bobcat loader to level and feather dirt at the edges of the pile. Well, that plan went awry when Ted blew a track on his Bobcat.

This is a blowout on a Bobcat – dern the luck!

We put two truckloads of dirt on the firing point and put another load of loose dirt aside to do edges of the firing point and to fill some potholes and wet places on the range. The operator for Eicher did some leveling and packing with his excavator and we got the dirt pile roughly profiled.

Packing the pile and leveling it off

This is about what it is going to look like – we hope to get it all leveled and seeded before frost this year.

It’s a start – the new 100-yard firing point

This firing point will give us a 100-yard point for the electronic targets. Now, how are we going to use it?

We will shoot an NRA Approved Hundred Yard National Match Course next summer on one Thursday evening practice session every month, we will see if the Hoosier Home Range Hundred carries on into the new year and we are investigating the possibility of hosting the ISRPA Reduced Range State Championship in 2021.

I shouldn’t have to say this – but guys – please don’t drive across the fresh pile of dirt – it isn’t an off-road obstacle

Leonard Johnson Match Reminders

Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Club

Leonard Johnson Match

Saturday; September 26

Start Time:  9:00 – not 8:00; we’ve run out of early daylight!

Remember to bring spotting scopes for the 200-yard Stage, and;

Bring electronic target displays for the 300-yard stage.

John C. Garand/CMP Games Match – 12 September 2020

There is no better image for a Garand Match. Randy is shooting and Jim captured a frame from a video.

The good times just keep rollin’!

Saturday, 12 September was the annual John C. Garand/CMP Games match – and our string of beautiful days for shooting continued.  The weather started out at about 60-degrees and cloudy bright but by the time that Relay 3 went to the line, it was mostly clear. The targets looked like black dots on white dominoes!

Winds were negligible, 3-7 MPH from the ENE, a 5 o’clock breeze that had no value.  We had 20 shooters sign up to shoot a total of 31 individual matches – almost four full relays!  The course of fire was the 5-sighter, 30 shot for record Garand Match Course A and we were able to shoot a relay in about 40 minutes on our Silver Mountain electronic targets.  Our first shot went downrange at 8:05 and we finished up Relay 4 at 11:28.  Thanks to all of the shooters for making it a very smooth match for the Range Officers to run.

The rifles were a classic Garand Match mix; twelve M1 and three Unlimited Garands, seven 1903 and 1903A3 Springfields, four M1917 Enfields , a Schmidt-Reubin Swiss straight pull and three AR-15 based modern military rifles.  Eleven of the 20 shooters chose to shoot two or more rifles with one shooter shooting four different rifles and taking medals with every one of the four.

Thirteen medals were earned for the day – I’m listing them in no special order:

Mark Walters             M1 Garand                             Gold                 286-2X

Mark Walters             M1 Carbine at 200-yards       Gold                277-6X

Aaron Kohler              Modern Military                     Gold                287-7X

Mark Walters             1903A3 Springfield                 Silver               276-4X

Mike King                   Unlimited Modern Military   Silver             292-12X

Jeff Beierke                 M1 Garand                             Silver                275-2X

Jeff Beierke                 M1917 Enfield                        Silver               275-3X

Mark Walters             Unlimited M1 Garand          Bronze            277-6X

Jerry Johnson             M1 Garand                             Bronze            264-1X

Doug Johnson             M1 Garand                             Bronze            262-4X

Carl Johnson               Unlimited Garand                  Bronze            273-5X

Josh Bonebrake          1903A3 Springfield                 Bronze            272-3X

Gary Mabis                 Modern Military                     Bronze            274-6X

Medals are on order from CMP – I will present them to winners when I see you, so come out to matches!

A statistical note; the CMP award scores are set to allow about 30% of shooters to earn medals.  Over 50% of the FWRR Garand Match/CMP Games shooters earned medals – so it shows that our shooters are well above the national average.  But, as the High Power Director it shows me that we need to bring new shooters into our group – we’re top heavy with really good shooters.

Our next club activity is Work Day on Saturday September 19th and then the Leonard Johnson Match on Saturday 26 September.    

See you then – and be careful.                                                       

FWRR Hoosier Home Range Hundred; Saturday, September 5, 2020

Talk about living the dream!  We had scheduled the FWRR Hoosier Home Range Hundred Match for Saturday morning with an 8 o’clock first shot.  I got to the range about 6:55 and I noticed that the gate was open.  I hung the FWRR Rifle Match Today sign on the gate and headed a bit further down the road.  As I topped the little rise, I saw five trucks parked at the pits.  Most of the target frames were already in the holders by the time I got there.

I wandered over to the edge of the pits and I told the guys; “Hey –this isn’t Camp Perry, we don’t start at 7 o’clock.”  The response from at least three people was; “Well, we do – you’re late!”

I unloaded the electronics that I had taken home for an update and we finished setting up.  Sunrise was at 7:12 this morning;  and by 7:19 – we were ready to go.  We went back up to the “new” 100-yard firing line and sat around a bit to let the sun get a bit higher.  Everyone on the first relay was there (all eight targets were in use – no spare set aside for “oops”), so we went to the line and at 7:55 the first shot went downrange. 

Getting Things Set Up; “Is the Server up yet?”
The line is full – 8 shooters – and the Range Officer is already sitting down!

No sooner had the offhand stage gotten under way but the clouds parted and the targets were bathed in brilliant sunlight.  One shooter commented; “The clouds parted, the sun came out and all that was missing was music… .”  Did I mention that it was about 60-degrees and absolutely no wind?  It was like shooting offhand in an air-conditioned field house with stage lighting!  Not even the grouchiest high power shooter could have asked for netter conditions.

Our new 100-yard firing line

Things went along very smoothly and we used block time to move along promptly.  The first 80-round match was finished by 9:30.  I had scheduled the second relay for 10:00, but by the time the first relay finished, all of the second relay shooters had arrived, so we went right back to the line.  Several shooters had signed up to shoot two relays, and after the first relay a couple more wanted in for two, so we ended up with one shooter sitting out the second relay – we ran out of slots for him to shoot in. (We could have pair fired on one target – but we decided not to do that.)

The second relay went along pretty well – one target went red and we managed to fat finger our system – but we put the spare server on line and had only a short interruption.  We finished the second 80-round match at 11 o’clock (before the very brisk winds came up) and everyone was done in plenty of time to spend the afternoon at home.

Let’s see – a great set of shooters who can’t wait to help, beautiful weather, two smooth matches … what more could a High Power Director ask for?  Now you see what I meant by “Living the dream” at the start.

Life is hard on target faces at a Hoosier Home Range Hundred Match

FWRR Match Results

First                 Mark Walters             781-19X

Second            Mike King                    780-26X

Third               Mark Richard              779-27X

Fourth             Geoff Branson             766-27X

Statewide Match Standings

Here are the Hoosier Home Range Hundred individual shooter standings as of September 5, 2020 – but there are more matches to follow and things can change rapidly with these standings! (Remember, these are Service Rifle matches, so some Match Rifle scores have not counted for the standings.)

State Champion         Mike King                     FWRR                          782-28X

First High Master       Mark Richard            FWRR                          779-27X

First Master                Mark Walters             FWRR                          781-19X

First Expert                 Robert MacWilliams  St. Joseph                     775-14X

First Sharpshooter     Madelyn Schnelle       Wildcat Valley             740-14X

First Marksman          Joe Freiburger            FWRR                         718-8X